ACCOR build an exchange platform

AccorHotels is the leading hotel operator in France and the sixth largest in the world. The French group is present in 95 countries. AccorHotels has more than 4,100 hotels and 240,000 employees under banners across five continents. AccorHotels is headquartered in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Consolidated sales of AccorHotels for the year ended December 31, 2016 amounted to € 5,631 million.


The organic growth of the ACCOR group has led it to manage in France several hundred accounts opened in more than 10 banks, generating on average 25 daily lines of statement per account in the format AFB120; such volumetry prompted the ACCOR group to set up automation and control processes, thus enabling the sensitive processing chains to be carefully supervised. Thanks to NEOFI, the recovery of the statements of account and their redistribution towards different financial systems of the group is totally automated and controlled. In addition, it became increasingly urgent to secure end-to-end and trace the accounting chain linking the ERP and the new TMS.


Deploying NEOFI as a secure exchange platform made it possible to resolve the interoperability concerns between the various applications of the group while observing the internal rules imposed by the IT department. NEOFI checks account statement compliance, sends email alerts, and automatically starts the accounting process. In NEOFI, a tracking dashboard displays every workflow steps ; Also, if an error occurs in a process, it is immediately displayed, facilitating quick action and resolution.

Development process


The NEOFI platform allows you to finely control payments, ACK and account statements and provides the flexibility to adapt to subsidiaries, countries, and their sometimes specific formats. The NEOFI platform has resulted in substantial savings over the previous solution and other prospective publishers. The reliability of the NEOFI platform and its controls makes it easy to find time for other Treasury tasks.