A large supermarket chain automates its e-commerce exchanges


This major supermarket chain needed to automate the exchanges between two different environments: on the one hand, the recent online online shopping site, common to all franchisees, proposed by the national center. On the other hand, the franchisee's information system for managing items and stocks. One of the peculiarities of the project was the different possible VAT on a same article, depending on the type of acquisition.


The NEOFI solution automates exchanges between these two heterogeneous systems and uses conditional rules linked to correspondence tables to assign the correct VAT. Franchisee's teams are autonomous to manage the exchange solution because they have been trained in NEOFI's settings. They are thus able to intervene quickly to adjust the exchange processes.

Development process

A few days of analysis, installation and testing were needed to implement the NEOFI solution; it was enough to set up formats and processes without ever writing a single line of code. The solution also automatically manages collection, update and distribution of reports for management control.


Faced with a heterogeneity of operating systems and a complexity in the management of VAT, this supermarket retailer was surprised by the speed of implementation of the solution. Autonomous now, IT and accounting teams update their interfaces and reports themselves.