Interfacing your software and automating your processes

Prepare, enrich and visualize your datas in any format.

Connect all of your software regardless of their specificities with drag and drop interactions
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Business Process Management

Conceive automated processes without coding

With the NEOFI BPM tool, you can build workflows by just dragging and dropping each action from the extensive library provided. No coding necessary.

Let our virtual assistant accompany you to set up rules, trigger component and processing steps.


Robotic Process Automation

Erradicate no added value tasks

In order to avoid typos, frauds and save valuable time, you can collect information from each desired application, convert data formats, distribute files via email or secured protocol, schedule their sending, etc.


Facilitate support for software changes

The development of new applications in an ecosystem often give rise to some apprehension.
NEOFI annihilates this fear thanks to its ease to make communicate all the applications, irrespective or their constraints, thus bringing you piece of mind in the evolution of your information system.

Une compréhension multi-langages

NEOFI Link est capable de lire, écrire et convertir les données dans presque tous les formats à partir de n’importe quel type de
  • fichier standard : TXT, ASCII, Word, Excel, PDF, etc…
  • base de données : SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC, OLEDB, etc…
  • format bancaire : CFONB, SWIFT, XML, CODA, DTA, AEB, BA2I, etc…
En savoir plus

Extract Transform Load

Transform, personnalize, enrich

Our ETL solution allows you to automate your datas extraction, their cleansing and to standardize them at you will.

Profit of a rich library of templates for a quick installation, or conceive your own interfaces from A to Z.

Interfacez aisément vos applications grâce à la prise en charge d'une multitude de formats.

A powerful audit tool

Who does what, where, when, how and why?
With our solution, you have real time answers!
Be alerted by email or SMS as soon as a problem appear.
Filter you flows on the fly and exploit your data statistically with our integrated reporting tool.
No longer depend of your software editors or providers to resolve your issues.