We attach great importance to data security

NEOFI implements all security controls and processes needed to maintain the highest level of information security within the company.

We are compliant with current data protection and privacy regulations, such as the EU General Data ProtectionRegulation (GDPR).

We guarantee our customers that their data is processed from end to end with the utmost care and attention.

Secured data integration

Your data is collected throughprotected connections that use SSL/TLS protocols to ensure the integrity and security of all data imported into our platform.
All processed data is encrypted so that no unauthorized access is possible during their transfer.

Reliable data storage

All information is stored in ISO27001 certified Data centers, with multi-level of protections to prevent unauthorized access, loss or corruption of stored data.

Full access control

Access to our platforme and the data it holds is compleltely protected by user access control. A wide range of access rights and permissions can be defined by individuals or user groups.
The use of techniques such as two-factor authentification adds an extra layer of security while SSO simplifies the everyday use.

Continuity of service

We make regular backups, stored in multiple secure cloud facilities. It allows us to maintain our service ability levels above 99.9% and offers an RPO option (maximum allowable data loss) of minutes.