Visualise all of your data at a single glance

Accessing data is more and more impactful nowadays which is why NEOFI enables you to organize your dashboard according to your needs. You can put forward only the KPIs that are relevant to you.

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Illustration d'analyse de données


The dashboard in NEOFI is pre-configured but it remains fully customizable to display your priorities, according to your scope of actions. You can select data and build indicators easily, with simple drag and drops.


Follow your key indicators from the dashboard in real time to better anticipate your needs and potential gaps. All your data is summarized in a didactic and user-friendly way in one location : have a simple look to understand the essentials.


The dashboard is your essential tool to monitor data, objectives and results, and be notified in case of aproblem. Drill down into the indicators to analyze your company’s situation in real time and make wise decisions.


The dashboard helps you to quickly understand your cash position. It is designed to receive and manipulate data and it integrates Business Intelligence which allows you to create customized reports and helps you be proactive.