Rules engine

Design and automate your decision trees with NEOFI rules engine

With NEOFI you can interact with all your applications according to conditional rules that will generate different type of actions depending on the result of the controls.

No computing knowledge required

The business rules are set via an intuitive drag and drop interface so that you are quickly autonomous. You can configure complex decision trees in the rules engine and your tasks are processed automaticaly and immediately.

Managing changes

NEOFI integrates a system that manages versions and tracks changes. You can test new rules without it affecting the old ones. Once you have launch the process, it is locked topreserve the previous results.

Accessible data

NEOFI is equipped with functionalities of extraction, collection and exploitation of data which are accessible at any time to be controlled, exploited, modeled, analyzed and stored according to your needs.

Quick and efficient integrations

The rules engine of NEOFI has a rich library of pre-configured actions. It enables it to interface with all your applications, regardless of the format and protocol, and to initiate the collection and control of any type of data.

Immediate deployments

NEOFI rules engine enables you to put your changes into production in a few clicks. The API is automatically updated and without any downtime.