NEOFI Forecast

Management of cash-flow forecast

With NEOFI Forecast, make your cash flow forecasts reliable by simulating different scenarios from a single ergonomic platform. Create, refine, modify, and combine your forecasts. Then replay your scenarios according to the actual results.

Anticipate your liquidity needs

Simulate different scenarios to adjust your forecasts to changing conditions:

  • Simulate cash inflow and outflow forecasts per month on configurable budget items
  • Drag your forecasts from a previous year and apply evolution assumptions
  • Save your simulations for future changes

NEOFI automatically integrates the bank statements to reconcile the actuals with your forecasts and calculates the differences. Whether you decide to neutralize or postpone the differences to future periods, NEOFI Forecast automatically recalculates your forecast plan.

Use any data to feed your forecasts

To keep your forecasts perfectly up to date, NEOFI Forecast automatically feeds its database by retrieving, regardless of their format:

  • Financial operations (commitments, loans, borrowings, settlements, ...)
  • Promises of payment sent by cost recovery systems
  • Transaction advice and other bank returns
  • Cash budgets designed in Excel spreadsheet or any other application

Design your forecast analysis reports

The Business Intelligence functionality embedded in NEOFI Forecast lets you customize reports and make them evolve according to your needs, for example by:

  • Adding analysis axes
  • Changing with a graph that better suits the desired view
  • Adding filters on major criteria
  • Customizing display periodicity