NEOFI Exchange Hub

BPM (Business Process Management) at your fingertips:
orchestrate, supervise and automate your business processes

Orchestrate your flows as you please

NEOFI Exchange Hub has been designed to facilitate the user experience and provide increased productivity and agility, so you can animate your workflows using a low-code interface (all by mouse).

It becomes very easy to integrate your business rules, automate and visualize each step of your processes, delimit your users' permissions and perimeters, adjust each routing rule and trigger.

A tool to manage them all

Use only one screen to monitor all your flows and see the status of each step in their processing.

Identify at a glance which processes are late, active or completed with the NEOFI timeline.

Business rules

Some processes are so complex (with conditional rules and exceptions) that their modeling is a real headache.

To overcome this, NEOFI Exchange Hub integrates a rule engine so rich that it allows any human action to be transformed into automated processing, freeing itself from all the constraints linked to the heterogeneous demands of multi-application processing.

From scratch or from a template

To avoid reinventing the wheel every time you want to model a new workflow, NEOFI Exchange Hub allows you to start from an existing template and adapt it to the desired use.

A global and local overview

NEOFI Exchange Hub allows you to reconcile local actions and global control by allowing centralized management of all your flows through its customizable dashboard.

Web application, available in SaaS or license mode, NEOFI Exchange Hub provides transparency in processing and allows you to have all your teams on the same wavelength, regardless of their location.

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This solution is also available in SaaS

Built to operate at your convenience

Cost containment

In SaaS mode, there is no initial investment, you preserve your cash flow by paying only a monthly subscription that includes updates and software maintenance.

Always up to date

SaaS technology allows NEOFI to continuously provide all its users with updates allowing them to benefit from new and innovative features.


NEOFI offers solutions that interface very simply with your information system.

Our ever-increasing library of connectors and APIs allows you to connect seamlessly to your internal and external systems and thus manage your activity and its evolutions.


NEOFI solutions are constantly reviewed and tested by our growing user community and by our internal and external security teams.