NEOFI Bank Fees

Automate control of your bank invoices

Collect your electronic bank invoices

Thanks to Bank Service Billing (BSB) service, banks can now send you monthly fees invoices in an XML camt.086 electronic file.

By reading this file, NEOFI Bank Fees automatically collects all the data contained in the invoice to analyze them.

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Control and compare

On each invoice, price per unit and volumes must be checked.

In order to do this, NEOFI Bank Fees models the contractual conditions of each of your banks and verifies that the invoice relies on the same basis.

After having previously collected your bank statements and payments history for the previous month, NEOFI Bank Fees calculates the volume and compares it with the provided bank invoice.

In case of discrepancies, an alert is immediately displayed (and possibly coupled with an e-mail to the team involved).

monitoring flux financiers

Display results and discrepancies according to your business rules

The Business Intelligence module integrated in NEOFI Bank Fees allows you to easily build and modify reports displaying invoices data according to your needs: by service, by account, by country, by currency, etc. and dissociating amount from volume.

Discrepancies are clearly displayed on screen.

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Simulate the fees of other banks

By extracting volumes from an invoice and applying the modeled conditions of your other banks, NEOFI Bank Fees allows you to easily simulate potential invoices and compare results.

You will thus be well equipped for your tarif renegotiations!

création des processus à partir d'un template

This solution is also available in SaaS

Built to operate at your convenience

Cost containment

In SaaS mode, there is no initial investment, you preserve your cash flow by paying only a monthly subscription that includes updates and software maintenance.

Always up to date

SaaS technology allows NEOFI to continuously provide all its users with updates allowing them to benefit from new and innovative features.


NEOFI offers solutions that interface very simply with your information system.

Our ever-increasing library of connectors and APIs allows you to connect seamlessly to your internal and external systems and thus manage your activity and its evolutions.


NEOFI solutions are constantly reviewed and tested by our growing user community and by our internal and external security teams.
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