Automate your payments,
your cash management
and your processes!

Solutions dedicated to optimizing and simplifying the work of the treasury department


Encrypt all your files
Sign your payments with 3SKey
Secure your repository with the 4 eyes principle
Access the logs of each event
Trace each user actions


Communicate with any application
Check all formats
Convert your files in any format
NEOFI receives, checks, alerts, sends and reports


Easily change your settings
Do not shake up the existing: our solutions interfere smoothly with your IT infrastructures
Do not rush your users, NEOFI reproduces the existing processes identically

Real-time tracking

Be alerted by SMS and email
Follow payments status on your screen
Keep an eye on the most sensitive events.

Business Intelligence

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Anti fraud

Enhance your decision making with an easy and intuitive data preparation and analysis solution.
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Automate your process and optimize your inter-application communication from an intuitive and codeless platform (file conversion, file transfer, alerts, mailing campaign, etc...)
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Cash management

Optimize your daily cash management with a dynamic and automated tool. Reconciliation, balancing, real-time forecasting, graphic reportings.
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Payment management

Centralize and control your payments from start to finish, from a clear and intuitive web interface, all in an automated and secure way.
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What they say about us

"With NEOFI, our EMIR project has been processed very quickly and we are now completely autonomous to manage EMIR exchanges."

François LE DUIN

Treasury and Finance Department

"Everything becomes so easy with NEOFI Link! Since I started using it, I've gained a lot of time, unmatched quality and work safety!"


Project and Operations Manager

"NEOFI offers a solution whose pricing is independent of the number of applications, banks or signatories."


Director of Finance and Treasury

"With NEOFI Exchange Hub, we have the best of both worlds: a standard solution but fully customizable without code."

Elisabeth BELOT

Director of Treasury

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