Gestion de trésorerie

Optimal visibility of your cash flow

Make relevant decisions and reduce the time spent checking the accuracy of your cash flow data with your customizable dashboard.
You can manage your cash flow on a daily basis while having a projection in the following months.

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Visibilité de la trésorerie à 360 degrés

Dashboard: an overview at a glance

NEOFI Cash integrates a dashboard in which you decide to display the information that is important to you: expected account statements, value card, pending or error payments, cash receipts by bank or by entity, etc. 
You can modify your dashboard with pre-configured or self-created widgets. 
A double-click on a dashboard item transfers you to the dedicated module and allows you to immediately obtain the details that interest you.

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You can follow your processes in the workflows: you can check the progress and status of your different tasks at a glance. 
Specific icons and colors allow you to be alerted and to instantly know the nature of possible problems.

Collaborate more efficiently with your teams

With NEOFI Cash, you can easily transmit your data: the same information can be shared by several collaborators, who can view it in different ways according to their needs and the analysis they have to do.

Cash monitoring

Do more while saving time so you can focus on higher value business tasks.
Bringing people, processes and systems together with NEOFI's intelligent, integrated automation tool allows you to reduce costs and eliminate process complications.

Cash process automation

In order to make strategic financial decisions, the treasury department must have an optimal visibility of its cash and liquidity.

By offering a customizable dashboard with your company's key KPIs, NEOFI allows your treasury team to have a precise visibility of your cash flow, and thus to create reliable forecasts.