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The cash management platform that makes your life easier

Increase the reliability of your forecasts in real time!

We automate the gathering of all datas from your information system.

This way!
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Start your day peacefully!

Thanks to the embedded ETL/BPM tools, NEOFI platform makes your mornings more pleasant.
How? By automatiing all account statements retrieval (as well as intra-days) and then automatically perform bank reconciliation.

How is this doable ?

Bank statements, this way!

Automate the gathering of all your account statements (regardless of their format) and check their consistency before sending them to your business applications.

We keep you posted

An error (missing or non-compliant file)? Every person involved is alerted  in order to inform the bank without delay.

Even the bank reconciliations!

Your bank reconciliations are done automatically; in addition, an ergonomic interface allows you to reconcile what could not be done automatically.

Create customized forecasts

Automate the import of budgetary and accounting forecasts while keeping the possibility to fill them in manually and modifying unconfirmed forecasts.

Customize your forecasts display (horizon, granularity and frequency)

More about that

Automatize import

With its integrated ETL, NEOFI collects financial data from ERP, the payments platform and other business applications from the company, and automatically provision the forecasting tool.

Adjust your liquidity reports

You can intervene in each cell of your liquidity report to adjust your forecasts and see in real time the correction of the result.

Right data at the right time

Fully customize your display completely according to horizon, granularity and frequency in order to have the ratio that suits you.

Centralize your cash

Monitor the treasury activity of your company.

Segregate data displayed to local treasurer on its perimeter.

Balance your accounts.

Manage an automatic multi-level cash pool.

Follow your forecasts thanks to the liquidity reports.

Level your accounts.

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Vos applications actuelles ont des difficultés à échanger avec les serveurs DTCC ou Regis-TR ? Laissez NEOFI EMIR contrôler les fichiers, les convertir et les envoyer au bon serveur !

Expense reports

NEOFI récupère les fichiers de notes de frais, les contrôle, les convertit, puis les diffuse dans le format attendu aux applications concernées.

Accounting entries

Récupérez les champs enrichis de vos relevés de comptes et présentez les informations à votre ERP dans le format qu'il attend pour une génération automatique des écritures comptables