The success of a project is the result of its actors.

Our mission

Simplify your daily work routine

But how?

Always have a choice!

With its functional richness and its included sandbox, you can create, manipulate and test your processes safely.

Of course it takes time and resources!

That's why we always offer a punctual or global support of your projects!

Automate, they said! It's a man's life, they said!

Don't lose anymore time with no added value tasks.
NEOFI can automate them easily, allowing you to focus on your dedicated tasks

We discuss with everyone.

Some software face difficulties to communicate optimally with each other. NEOFI is easily positioned as an intermediary then monitors the correct dispatch of exchanges.

Our values

Close relationship with our customers

In order to present a user interface that best meets business issues, we regularly collect feedback from our customers to develop, enhance and optimize the functionality of our software.

The domain expertise of our consultants

Before joining NEOFI, our consultants worked in treasury, auditing, banking, software publishing, consulting; Sharing their experiences greatly contributes to the enrichment of their expertise, as does the daily exchange they have on each of their client projects.

Versatile tools

Thanks to its ability to communicate in any language, NEOFI offers you the means to no longer fear changes in your information system or your company:

An software update, a software change, a subsidiary acquisition with its own information system to integrate, etc...

Our team

Sothon HUA



Project Manager



Patrick BERT

Director of Operations


Project Manager